1 February 2017

What are the uses of LPG?

LPG gas is a clean source of energy having a wide range of applications. Let us check out the uses of LPG in this article. Also, find out advantages and disadvantages of it to know more about it. 

Some highlighted points on uses of LPG are:

  1. Cooking
  2. Rural Heating
  3. Motor fuel 
  4. Refrigeration

Uses of LPG: 

  • Cooking 

LPG is used in cooking. It doesn't produce smoke as compared to other ways of cooking. In this cooking process, the gas is stored in liquid form under pressure in the cylinder and then connected by using gas stove cooking is done.

  • Rural Heating

LPG can be used as an excellent alternative form of rural heating like heating oil, electric heating, or kerosene.

  • Motor fuel

By using LPG in motor reduces the transportation cost by consuming less fuel as compared to other sources like petrol and diesel.
By using this one more advantage is that LPG is environment-friendly gas.

  • Refrigeration 

LPG is also used in the refrigeration system as a refrigerant. some times LPG is the replacement of hydrofluorocarbon and chlorofluorocarbons.