25 October 2020

CNC pneumatic autofeed punching machine | Mechanical project


The Fluid Power systems include Pneumatics and hydraulics that have gained a large amount of importance in day to day life. This is due to the importance of their accuracy and cost criteria’s. Due to this consideration and convenience in operating the CNC pneumatic system has made us design and fabricate this project. The CNC pneumatic auto feed punching machine can be operated with the help of semi-skilled labour. This machine can be operated with low pressure. This system uses the punch and Die attachment, where the die is fixed and used based upon the required shape and can be used according to the requirement. The press is the punching machine tool designed to punch by pressure with the help of a computer. These presses are intended for mass production. These presses are introduced in Pneumatic System. The basic function of the machine is to form or cut thin sheet metals or non metals using the pneumatic power through computer source.

Working Principle: 

The pressurized air from the compressor at 5 to 7 bar is passed through a pipe which is connected to a solenoid valve with two outputs and one input. This valve is actuated with the help of a computer. When the air entering into the input goes out through the outputs when actuated by computer signal. Due to high pressurized air, the piston moves upwards and this force acting is passed on to the punch which moves downwards and cuts or forms the sheet metal. The punch is guided by the punch guide which is fixed. The sheet metal is placed between the die and punch. When the piston is at an extreme point of stock length, the exhaust valve is opened and the air is exhausted through it and the air come in at top of the piston and pushes the piston downwards. So one side of air is lifted upwards and the other is pulled downwards. This process continues when the material is placed correctly and automatically actuates. The time duration of the succeeding punching is adjusted with the help of computer signals.

CNC Pneumatic autofeed punching machine


  • Semi-skilled operators are required.
  • Thin foils to metal sheets can be pierced according to the desired shape.
  • Economical and simple designs.
  • Current carrying cables are not required.
  • More outputs with fewer efforts.


  • Thick and hard materials cannot be punched.
  • Stoke length of piston is fixed.
  • Maintenance will be more due to motion of parts.


  • Used in medical and pharmaceutical industries. 
  • Mainly uses to process profile holes in flat strips.
  • Used in packaging and construction industries.
  • Used to make punch marks.