6 September 2021

Difference Between Machine and Structure

The most important difference between a machine and a structure is that machines convert energy into productive work, whereas structures do not. Let us check out the difference between machine and structure in this article. 

What is Machine? 

A machine is a combination of mechanisms that transmits and modifies the available mechanical energy into some useful work. 

Examples of machines: Bridges, Buildings, Machine frames, Roof truss. 

What is Structure?

A structure is made up of a collection of rigid bodies that do not move relative to one another.

Example of structures: Shaper, Lathe, Screw jack, Slotter. 

Difference between machine and structure: 

  1. The parts of the machine move relative to one another, whereas members of the structure are built to bear the load, mainly compressive load. 
  2. The machine serves to modify and transmit mechanical work, whereas the structure serves to modify and transmit forces. 
  3. A link of a machine may transmit both power and motion, whereas the members of a structure can only transmit forces.