14 August 2021

Pros and cons of electric vehicle

Electric vehicles are regularly changing and their technology still evolving when considering the pros and cons of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles use a rechargeable battery-power engine instead of a typical gas engine. 

Pros of electric vehicle | Advantages: 

  1. Electric vehicles are better for the environment. 
  2. The major pros are electricity can be a renewable source while gasoline can not be a renewable source. In addition, electricity is cheaper than gasoline. 
  3. Quieter than gas vehicles. 
  4. Electric vehicles are energy efficient.
  5. On an electric vehicle, you will get a tax credit and incentives. 
  6. Electric vehicles required less expensive and less frequent maintenance. 
  7. Different lanes are provided for this vehicle, thus they shorten your commute time. 
  8. It reduces emissions and thus, reducing the carbon footprint. 

Cons of electric vehicle | Disadvantages: 

  1. Electric vehicles travel less distance as compared with gas-powered vehicles. 
  2. The charging time of the vehicle is long.
  3. Expensive than gas-powered vehicles, due to the large initial investment.
  4. The battery replacement cost is very high. 
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