16 March 2023

Difference between hardwood and softwood

The important difference between hardwood and softwood is that hardwood trees are typically slower growers and are considered angiosperm, which leads to denser wood. Software trees are gymnosperms, meaning they are evergreen trees. You can check out the difference between hardwood and softwood in detail below. 

Difference between hardwood and softwood


Hardwood: They are slower growers and considered angiosperm trees. 

Softwood: They are faster growers and are considered gymnosperm trees. 


Hardwood: They are durable, high quality and offer a long-lasting option for multiple purposes. 

Softwood: They are weaker and less durable than hardwood. 


Hardwood: Used for flooring, cladding, panelling, buildings, fencing, boats and outdoor decks. 

Softwood: Used for feature walls, ceilings, furniture, doors and windows.


Hardwood: Balsa, Eucalyptus, Mahogany, Blackbutt, Red Ironbark and Spotted Gum

Softwood: Douglas fir, Juniper, Yew, Cedar, Pine and Hemlock 


Hardwood: Hardwood are not as renewable as softwood due to its long-lasting nature. It can be a well-considered choice for its durability. 

Softwood: Softwood grow much faster than hardwood. They are considered a very renewable source. 


Hardwood: This timber is available in various colours, and finishes, and suits almost a contemporary style setting. 

Softwood: The versatile nature of this timber offers a stunning, seamless finish. It is quite workable, making a variety of uses possible.


Hardwood: This timber is durable, and easy to clean, while scratches and dents can be fixed with ease. 

Softwood: Due to being less durable. this timber requires more regular maintenance to ensure its longevity. 


Hardwood: They are generally more expensive due to their slow growth rate and durable properties. But good for long-run and low maintenance. 

Softwood: They are cheaper than hardwood, as they are faster growers and easier to source.

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