1 April 2023

Top 7 cars with sunroof and moonroof

Sunroof maximizes natural light inside the car and extra-large overhead openings that extend beyond the first row of seats. Cars with sunroof openings have pros and cons. Sunroof allows light and fresh air inside the car, and they can make the interior feel larger and less claustrophobic. Sunroofs can lower the mileage of a vehicle due to aerodynamic drag and can increase curb weight. Nowadays, cars provide moonroofs too. The sunroof and moonroof both have glass that can control the amount of light that enters the car. But, the sunroof has simple glass and the moonroof has tinted glass. You can check the list of cars that offer sunroofs.

Top 7 cars with sunroof 

  1.  Kia Stinger
  2. Chrysler 300
  3. Volvo V90 Cross Country 
  4. Volkswagen Arteon
  5. Mercedes-Benz EQS
  6. Cadillac CT5-V
  7. Genesis G80

Top 7 cars with moonroof

  1. Polestar 2
  2. Toyota Corolla
  3. Nissan Maxima
  4. Acura ILX
  5. BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe
  6. Jaguar F-type Coupe
  7. Tesla Model 3