18 December 2023

Globe valve Advantages and Disadvantages

A globe valve is an opening and closing(new valve) part that is moved linearly up and down the valve seat(sealing surface) axis using the valve system. So let us check out the globe valve advantages and disadvantages to better understand this topic.

Benefits or Advantages of Globe Valve

  1. It is a good shutoff capability.
  2. The glove valve structure is simpler.
  3. It is lower cost.
  4. It is a better manufacturing process.
  5. Easy maintenance.
  6. The stroke length is short as compared to a gate valve.
  7. Globe valve is available in tee, wye, and angle patterns.
  8. Valve throttling capabilities range from moderate to excellent.
  9. As a stop check valve, it can be used.
  10. Globe valves are durable.
  11. Globe valves can handle high-pressure applications.
  12. In the long term, it can save money.

Drawbacks or Disadvantages of Globe Valve

  1. It is a higher pressure drop.
  2. It requires greater force.
  3. Require additional energy to maintain rates.
  4. Globe valves are mostly larger and heavier.
  5. Limited suitability for high flow rates.
  6. Poor regulation performance.
  7. The globe valve has big flow resistance.
  8. It is not suitable for the medium with particles.
  9. It is more expensive than some other types of valves.
  10. A Globe valve is a large opening and closing power.
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