20 December 2023

Butterfly valve Advantages and Disadvantages

The butterfly valve is a device that assists in enhancing flow control. There are several varieties and sizes of butterfly valves. Their performance varies depending on the design of wastewater collecting and water distribution application. The advantages of the Butterfly valve is it is Light in weight, compact, simple, cost-effective, has Low maintenance requirement, ease of operation and actuation. Disadvantages of the Butterfly valve are No high-pressure throttling, Poor sealing function, Cavitation, and choked flow. If you would like to know more about butterfly valves, let us check out the advantages and disadvantages of butterfly valves.

Some of the Advantages of Butterfly valve are given below

  1. This valve has a good adjustment performance.
  2. This valve is operated frequently due to its easy opening and closing with little fluid resistance.
  3. It is possible to achieve good sealing at low pressure.
  4. At the pipe mouth, mud may be carried and stored in the least amount of liquid.
  5. It is easy to install thus it is widely used in industrial applications.
  6. The performance of the low-pressure sealing is good.
  7. It is simple in structure and smaller in size than a ball valve of the same diameter needs.
  8. Light in weight compared to a ball valve.
  9. The compact design of a butterfly valve requires considerably less space as compared with a globe valve, gate valve, or other valves.
  10. It is a short structure length, suitable for large caliber valves, thus this valve provides a bubble-tight service.
  11. The method saves labor and is flexible. One may select from manual, electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic modes.

Some of the Disadvantages of a Butterfly valve are given below

  1. The range of Working temperature and working pressure is small.
  2. It is a Poor sealing function.
  3. Service for throttling butterfly valves is restricted to low-pressure drop.
  4. When butte4rfly valves work there is a risk of cavitation and choked flow.
  5. The movement of the butterfly valve is affected by flow turbulence.