29 June 2024

Taper Roller Bearing | Features | Advantages | Applications

The taper roller bearing is made up of rolling parts shaped like a cone frustum. They are placed so that the axes of each rolling element connect at a shared apex on the bearing's axis. In kinematics analysis, this is the necessary condition for pure rolling motion between conical surfaces. The line of resultant reaction in a taper roller bearing caused by rolling motion between conical surfaces. In taper roller bearings, the line of resultant reaction across the rolling elements forms an angle with the bearing's axis. As a result, taper roller bearings can withstand both radial and axial loads. In reality, the existence of either component causes the other to act on the bearing. In other words, a taper roller bearing under pure radial stress generates a thrust component. Taper roller bearings have a detachable construction. The outer ring is called a cup, while the inner ring is called a cone. The cup can be separated from the bearing assembly, which includes the roller, cage, and cone.

Taper Roller Bearing
Taper Roller Bearing

Features of Taper Roller Bearing:

  • It support all types of loads.
  • Taper roller bearing are especially high load capacity and high rigidity.

Following are the Advantages of Taper Roller Bearing:

  • This type of bearing can take heavy radial and thrust loads.
  • Tapper roller bearing has more rigidity.
  • Taper roller bearing have a high load capacity.
  • Tapper roller bearing can be easily assembled and disassembled due to separable parts.
  • They have minimal load requirement source.
  • It support pure radial, pure axial or any combination without modification.

Following are the Disadvantages of Tapper Roller Bearing

  • Two taper roller bearings are necessarily used on the shaft to balance the axial force.
  • It is necessary to adjust the axial position of the bearing with pre load. This is essential to coincide the apex of the cone with the common apex of the rolling elements.
  • Tapper roller bearing are costly.

Application of Taper Roller Bearing:

Taper roller bearing is used in variety of application. Following are the application of Taper Roller Bearing:
  • Roller Shaft supports
  • Engines and Reducer.
  • Railroad axel boxes 
  • Mining
  • Cantilever wheel axles
  • They are used in car and trucks
  • Contraction
  • Large size bearing in rolling mills
  • Aircraft fuel pump
  • Gearboxes for industrial machinery
  • It is used in propeller shaft and differentials
  • Agriculture machinery shaft