24 April 2024

Angular Contact Bearing | Advantages | Uses

In angular contact bearing, the groove in inner and outer race are so shaped that the line of reaction at the contact between the balls and races makes an angle with the axis of the bearing. There are two parts to this reaction: axial and radial. Therefor the angular contact bearing are often used in pair, either side by side or at the opposite ends of the shaft, in order to take the thrust load in both direction. These bearing are assembled with a specific magnitude or preload. Let us check more details about angular contact bearing in this article. 

Angular Contact Bearing

Angular Contact Bearing

Following are the Advantages of  Angular Contact Bearing 

  • Angular Contact Bearing can take both radial and thrust load.
  • In Angular Contact Bearing, one side of groove in the outer race is cut away to permit the insertion of large number of balls than that of deep groove ball bearing. This permit to bearing to carry relatively large axial and radial load. Therefore the load carrying capacity of angular contact bearing is more than that of deep groove ball bearing.

Following are the Disadvantages of  Angular Contact Bearing 

  • Two bearing are required to take thrust load in both directions.
  • It is necessary to install the angular contact bearing without any axial play.
  • First preloading is necessary for the angular contact bearing.

Application are Angular Contact Bearing used in

It is used in variety of application. This bearing are use in high speed, high precision application for:
  • Agriculture
  • Chemical
  • General industry
  • Utilities