28 January 2016

BHP full form

What is the full form of BHP?

Answer : 

  • Brake Horsepower

What does BHP mean?

BHP is the amount of power loss that occurs due to the gearbox, alternator, pully, water power, and other auxiliary components such as power steering pump and exhaust system. 

The amount of power that tells how fast work can be done is called BHP.

Brake Horse Power is measured in KW (KiloWatts).

Brake Horse Power for a pump or a fan can be expressed as follows :

BHP = (Q γ h / 33000) / η

BHP = brake horsepower (horsepower, hp)
Q = volume flow rate (ft3/min, cfm)
η = overall efficiency
Brake Horse Power for a turbine can be expressed as follows 
Pbhp = η (γ Q h / 33000)

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