15 September 2016

GVWR full form

What is the full form of GVWR?

Answer :

  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

What does GVWR mean?

GVW is the maximum operating weight of a vehicle as specified by the manufacture.

On vehicles designed for the United States market, the GVWR can be found alongside other vehicle technical specifications on the Vehicle ID Plate that is usually located on the interior of the B-pillar.

GVWR is the total combined weight of a truck, including all passengers, fuel, fluids, and cargo. 

If the commercial vehicle net weight is 2010 Kg then minimum license GVW is 3015 Kg.

List of Different Types of Vehicle Weight :

  • Gross vehicle weight (GVW) - This weight includes all your cargo, extra added equipment, and passengers aboard.
  • Curb weight - This is the weight of your vehicle with all fluids and components but without the drivers, passengers, and cargo.
  • Payload - The payload is the weight including passengers, equipment, cargo, and anything being towed.
Gross vehicle weight rating - curb weight = payload capacity
  • Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) - This is the maximum total weight of your vehicle, passengers, and cargo in order for you to avoid damaging the vehicle or compromising your safety.
  • Gross combined weight - This weight includes the vehicle and a trailer if you are pulling one. The gross combined weight should be determined while the trailer is attached to the vehicle.
  • Maximum loaded trailer weight - This amount is much like the gross combined weight, however, it includes a fully loaded trailer.
  • Gross axle weight - The gross axle weight is the amount of weight that is supported by each axle, both front, and rear.
  • Gross axle weight rating - The gross axle weight rating is the total weight each axle is capable of hauling.

List of different types of vehicle class and its GVW :

Vehicle ClassCurb Weight in PoundsCurb Weight in Kilograms
Compact car2,979 pounds1,354 kilograms
Midsize car3,497 pounds1,590 kilograms
Large car4,366 pounds1,985 kilograms
Compact truck or SUV3,470 pounds1,577 kilograms
Midsize truck or SUV4,259 pounds1,936 kilograms
Large truck or SUV5,411 pounds2.460 kilograms
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