24 December 2016

Advantages of MPFI system

MPFI state as a multi-point fuel injection system. The main function of the MPFI system is to supply a proper ratio of gasoline and air to the cylinders. Let us have a deep insight into the advantages of this system in this article.

Advantages of the MPFI system :

  • MPFI improved fuel consumption.
  • Mileage will be improved.
  • ECM technique is used to control the engine.
  • Precise supply of air-fuel mixture.
  • The engine response is also good in the condition of the throttle applied.
  • The MPFI engines vibrate less and don’t require to be cranked twice or thrice in cold weather.
  • It helps in uniform combustion of fuel inside the combustion chamber.
  • The exact and uniform quantity of the air-fuel mixture is provided for each cylinder.
  • Cleaner emissions.
  • MPFI improves the functionality and durability of the engine components.
  • The mileage of the vehicle is improved.