23 December 2016

Full Form of Automobile terms

4WD - Four Wheel Drive

2WD - Two Wheel Drive

AWD - All Wheel Drive

A/F - Air Fuel Ratio 

ACM - Airbag Control Module 

ACC - Automatic Climate Control OR Adaptive Cruise Control

AAT - Ambient Air Temperature 

ARAI - Automotive Research Association of India 

ABS - Anti Lock Braking System

ASFS - Advanced Swirl Flow Induction System

ATFT - Advance Tumble Flow Technology 

APDVi - Advance Pro Digital Variable Ignition System

BHP - Brake Horse Power

BMEP - Brake Mean Effective Pressure

BSFC - Brake Specific Fuel Consumption

BDC - Bottom Dead Centre

CRDi - Common Rail Direct Injection

CV - Calorific Value of the fuel

CVTI  - Charged motion Variable Time Ignition

CCVTI - Controlled Combustion Variable Timing Ignition

CC - Cubic Capacity

CDI - Capacitor Discharge Ignition

C.I ENGINE - Compression Ignition Engine

CNG - Compressed Natural Gas

DTS-i - Digital Twin Spark Ignition

DOHC - Double Overhead Camshaft

DI ENGINE - Direct Injection Engine

DFI - Digital Fuel Injection

DDIS - Direct Diesel Injection System 

EBD - Electronic Brakeforce Distribution

EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection

EC ENGINE - External Combustion Engine

ESC - Electronic Stability Control

ECU - Electronic Control Unit 

EGR - Exhaust Gas Recirculation 

EVRV - Electronic Vacuum Regulator Valve

FPEG - Free Piston Engine Generator

FHP - Frictional Horse Power

FWD - Front Wheel Drive 

GVW - Gross Vehicle Weight

HCV - Heavy Commercial Vehicle

HVAC - Heating ventilating and AirConditioning

IC ENGINE - Internal Combustion Engine

IHP - Indicated Horse Power

IMEP - Indicated Mean Effective Pressure

ISFC - Indicated Specific Fuel Consumption

Kph - Kilometer Per Hour

Kpl - Kilometer Per Liter

LCV - Light Commercial Vehicle

LSPV - Load Sensing Proportioning Valve

MPFI - Multi-point fuel injection

MUV - Multi Utility Vehicle

OHV - Over Head Valve

OBD - On Board Diagnose

PGMFI - Programmed Fuel Injection System 

PDI - Pre-delivery Inspection

RTR - Racing Throttle Response

SOHC - Single Overhead Camshaft

SUV - Sport Utility Vehicle

SAE - Society of Automotive Engineers

SFC - Specific Fuel Consumption

SI ENGINE - Spark Ignition Engine

SRS Airbag - Supplemental Restraint System Airbag

TC - Traction Control

TDi - Turbocharged Direct Ignition

TCI - Transistorized Coil Ignition

TDC - Top Dead Centre

TWI - Tread Wear Indicator 

VDB - Ventilated Disc Brake

VCR - Variable Compression Ratio  

VGT - Variable Geometry Turbocharger

VVTi - Variable Valve Timing

VTVT - Variable Timing Valve Train

WGT - Waste Gas Turbocharger