24 December 2016

Working Principle of ABS

Working principle of ABS ( Anti-lock Braking system ) :  

ABS full form is anti-lock braking system. It is very useful safety system of automobile. Now we can check it out the working principle of ABS.

  • When the brakes are applied fluid is forced from the master cylinder to the HCU inlet ports with the help of open solenoid valves that are contained in the HCU, then through the outlet ports of HCU to the each wheel.
  • The rear part of the master cylinder feeds the front brakes and vice-versa.
  • After the fluid in inserted in each wheel, the wheel starts locking-up.
  • When the control module senses that wheel is going to lock up, it closes the normally open solenoid valves for that wheel.
  • The anti-lock break control module then looks at anti-lock break sensor signal from the affected wheel.
  • Once the affected wheel comes back up to the speed, then the control module returns the solenoid valve to there normal condition.