28 February 2017

Jig boring machine

The jig boring machine is the most accurate in all type of boring machine. Jig boring machine first developed in the year 1910 in Switzerland. The real jig borer was first built in the year 1917 by Pratt and Whitney.

Jig boring machine is now used for the production of jigs, fixtures, tools and other precision parts which require a high degree of accuracy.
They have the highest accuracy through rigidity, low thermal expansion and measuring distance for accurately locating and spacing holes.

Jig boring machine is a metal cutting machine for finishing holes, planes and slots with a highly precise location of centres or surfaces without the use of special attachments for tool alignment.

In jig boring machine machining accuracy is very high within a range of 0.0025 mm. 
Jig boring machine
The spindle and other parts of the machine are extremely rigid to resist deflection and the vibration is minimum.
The spindle runs in preloaded antifriction bearings.
The jig boring machine requires temperature-controlled rooms for operation where temperature can be maintained constant.

Types of jig boring machine :

There are two types of jig boring machine :

  1. Vertical milling machine type
  2. Planer type
Methods of locating holes in the jig boring machine :

Accurate positioning is essential for producing accurate jigs, fixture, dies etc.
The most important operation in a jig boring machine is the accurate way of positioning a hole that can be done by one of the following methods :
  1. Lead screw method
  2. Mechanical and electrical gauging method
  3. Optical measuring method

Jig boring machine operations :
  • The jig boring machine primarily designed to produce precision dies, jigs and gauges.
  • They also used as measuring machine to check up a job already manufactured in other machines.
  • Also used in enlarging holes.
  • Single point tools enables maximum accuracy in locating holes and give a better surface finish.
  • Jig boring machine operated by highly skilled workers.