28 February 2017

Difference between reaming and boring

Reaming and boring is a similar process and use for the same purpose but just a minor difference between them. Reaming used to finish the hole previously drill whereas boring used to enlarge the hole previously drilled. 

Let us have a deep insight into the comparison between those two similar processes and also check the difference between them. 

Difference between reaming and boring : 

  • Reaming is a process of sizing and finishing the already drilled holes while boring processes for producing holes of larger diameter compared to drilling.
  • When compared to boring, a reamer holds tighter tolerances for longer periods of time because the cutting is generally spread out over multiple flutes.
  • Boring operation is done on lathe or milling machine also whereas reaming operation on the same types of machines as drilling.
  • In boring every time a hole has increased the size of a hole is not necessarily the same but in reaming also every time the hole is increased but the size of the hole is the same.
  • In reaming, machinists may use hand or machine reamers depending on the job they are performing while boring a workpiece may be held in a 3, 4, or 6 jaw chuck and collets.
  • Reaming uses multi teeth cutter while boring uses a single tooth cutter.
  • Reaming process MRR is comparatively lower than boring. 
  • Reaming produced a highly finished surface than boring. 
  • The cutting tool used for boring is boring bar while reamer is used for reaming.