10 February 2017

LPG properties

The various properties of LPG are listed below. we can check it one by one. 

Properties of LPG: 

  • It is a mixture of gases, mainly constituting Propane and Butane.
  • It has a simple structure in chemical terms.
  • It is one of the cleanest of all alternative fuels.
  • It is a liquid under normal pressure in ambient conditions, usually, it is found to be gaseous form.
  • Vaporous form in LPG is two times heavier than air and it is half of the same volume of water.
  • Density of liquid LPG is 0.55 gm/ cm.cube.
  • LPG boiling point is -42°C or-44°F.
  • LPG freeing point is -188°C or -306.4°F.
  • LPG heating value is 11920 to 11997 kcal/kg.
  • LPG Flashpoint is -76 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Ignition temperature of LPG is 410 to 580 degree Celsius.
  • LPG maximum flame temperature in oxygen is 2830 degree cent. 
  • LPG maximum flame temperature in the air is 2000 degree cent.
  • The gross calorific value of LPG is 11400 Kcal/kg.
  • It is almost colourless and odourless.
  • Ethyl Mercaptan is normally used as a stenching agent for an odorant purpose helps to know about LPG leaks.
  • LPG vapours are tasteless and non-toxic.
  • LPG is also caused suffocation in some closed condition.
  • LPG is mildly anaesthetic and can be harmful so LPG has never been used or considered safe enough for medicinal purposes.