11 February 2017

Components of CRDI

CRDI is a modern fuel system and advanced technology used in an automobile. Let us know about the composition of that are listed below :

Pressure supply pump : 

The electric fuel pump comprises: 
  • Electric Moter 
  • Roller-Cell Pump 
  • Non-Return Valve
  • Rail-pressure sensor  (RDS)
  • Injector
High-pressure pump : 
  • The pump plunger moves downward
  • The inlet valve open
  • The fuel is drawn into the  pumping element chamber(suction stroke)
  • At BDC, the inlet valve closes
  • The fuel in the chamber can be compressed by the upward moving plunger.
  • High- pressure accumulator (Rail).
Pressure-control valve (DRV) :
  • Responsible for maintaining the pressure in the rail at a constant level.
ECU with Sensors :  
  • Common Rail is an EDC controlled injection system
  • The ECU controls & monitors the complete injection process
  • The sensors deliver all the measured values which are required in the process
Rail-pressure sensor(RDS) :
  • Measures the pressure in the rail
  • Inputs the information to the ECU.