11 February 2017

Types of two-stroke engine

A two-stroke engine is which it completes its cycle of operation in one complete revolution of the crankshaft in other word in two stroke of the piston.

Two-stroke engine are basically two types and its depend on the scavenging method.

Types of two-stroke engine are listed below :

  • Crankcase Scavenged Engine
  • Separately Scavenged Engine
The details of above two types of engine are describe below :

Crankcase scavenged engine :
It is one of the simplest types of two-stroke engine. In this engine the charge is compressed in the crankcase during the expansion stroke. 
There are three ports in this engine :
  • Intake port at the crankcase 
  • Transfer port 
  • Exhaust port 

Through the transfer port compressed charge passes into the engine cylinder and flushing the products of combustion is called scavenging.

Separately scavenged engine :
It is same engine as crankcase engine but in this engine uses external device like a blower to scavenge the products of combustion is called externally or separately scavenged engine.