5 March 2017

Difference between carburetor and fuel injector

Carburettor and fuel injector both of them are the devices used to make a mixture of air and fuel and provide it to the engine. so the output of both the device is same but still, there is some difference between them. Let us have a deep insight into the comparison between carburettor and fuel injector. 

Difference : 

  • A carburettor is a very old technology while fuel injector is newly innovative technology of an alternative of the carburettor.
  • In most of the cases carburettor used in petrol engine while the fuel injector in a diesel engine.
  • The carburettor is a purely mechanical device whereas fuel injector mechanical as well as the electrical device also. Nowadays it mostly used as an electrical device.
  • The carburettor is required maintenance and tuning manually whereas fuel injector done that automatically because of it connect with ECU to a diagnostic device or computer.
  • In automobile with carburettor also have a mechanical fuel pump whereas fuel injection has an electric fuel pump.
  • A carburettor is more complex in design as compared to the fuel injector because lots of screws are needed in the carburettor.
  • You have accelerated more in the carburettor and also to keep the speed constant so the loss of power is more while fuel-injector the loss of power on a climb is very less and you don't have to depress the accelerator much to keep the speed constant.
  • A fuel injector is more efficient than carburettor because it is more efficiently use fuel and reduce fuel consumption and fewer emissions too.
  • Carburettor working principle is also different from fuel injector but they are using for the same purpose.