5 March 2017

Difference between soldering and brazing

Soldering and brazing, both the processes are used for the same purpose and both of them do not melt the parent material to be joined. They join by filling up micro irregularities in mating surfaces and then further fine gaps are filled by capillary action. Both of them are the metal joining process used in different joining conditions but the main difference between them is mainly the filler material composition and a melting point of that material.

Soldering filler materials are alloys of lead and tin.

The melting point of 250 to 300 0C

Brazing filler materials are alloys of copper and tin and zinc. 

The melting point of 500 to 650 0C.

From the above point, the main difference is soldering happens at a lower temperature while brazing takes place at a higher temperature. 

Both processes looked like the same they have much other difference between them. Let us have a deep insight into the comparison between soldering and brazing. 

Difference between soldering and brazing : 

  • Brazed joints are stronger than the soldered joint.
  • When a gap between the metals part is not a fine gap soldering is used and brazing is used to cover a fine gap between the metals part to be joined.
  • No change in mechanical properties after joining while in brazing it may change in mechanical properties of joint but it is almost negligible.
  • In soldering, no heat treatment is required while it is required after brazing.
  • For soldering cost involved and skill, requirements are very low while in brazing cost involved and the skill required is more than soldering.
  • Soldering is a softer metal joining process where the metals parts are not held very tightly while brazing creates a tight fit between the metal parts joined.
  • Soldering is used for joining electronics component while brazing used in automotive industries and pipe fitting
  • In soldering heating of the workpieces are not required while in brazing workpieces are heated but below their melting point.
  • Soldering is possible only in case of thin as well as similar sheet metals while brazing is possible thicker and also similar as well as dissimilar metal parts.