24 March 2017

What is flywheel

What is Flywheel?

Answer :
  • A heavy revolving wheel in a machine which is used to increase the machine's momentum and thereby provide greater stability or a reserve of available power.
A flywheel is a heavy rotating body that acts as a reservoir of energy. 

Flywheel used in an internal combustion engine to control the speed.

The energy is stored in the flywheel in the form of kinetic energy. 

The function of flywheel :
  • To store and release energy when needed during the work cycle.
  • To reduce the power capacity of the electric motor or engine.
  • To reduce the amplitude of speed fluctuations.
Flywheel materials :

Flywheel made by grey cast iron. 
Now recently, flywheels are made of high strength steels and composites in-vehicle applications. 
Graphite-fiber reinforced polymer ( GFRP ) is one of the excellent choices for flywheels fitted on a modern car engine.