16 April 2017

Advantages of using hydrogen as a fuel

Due to low molecular mass and high hydrogen combustion temperature, hydrogen is the most efficient chemical rocket fuel, but the main drawback is extremely low density, which means you need very large tanks. Hydrogen works superbly for fuel cells and has no carbon to burn things up cleanly, producing the most energy of any chemical fuel per unit mass. Let us have a deep insight into the advantages of hydrogen using as a fuel in this article. 

Advantages of hydrogen as a fuel : 

  • Low emission. The exhaust does not contain CO or HC because the fuel does not contain carbon. H2O and N2 and NOx would be the most exhaust.
  • Fuel availability. There is a number of different ways to produce hydrogen including electrolysis of water.
  • Fuel leakage to the environment is not a pollutant.
  • High energy content per volume when stored as a liquid so the fuel tank is very large. 
  • Unlike fossil fuel and non-renewable sources, there is no concern about running out of hydrogen at any time.
  • Hydrogen is a completely non-toxic, clean and powerful source of energy. 
  • In fact, it is also used as fuel in rockets, it is more powerful.
  • Compared to gas and diesel, hydrogen can produce more energy per pound of fuel, making it more fuel-efficient. Cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells can operate more miles than cars powered by solar or gas or any other fuel-powered vehicle.
  • If we used hydrogen as a fuel, maintenance is affordable.
  • Its supply in the atmosphere is abundant.
  • Hydrogen fuel does not degrade.