16 April 2017

Future scenario for LPG vehicles

LPG full form is Liquefied Petroleum Gas is Cost-saving, larger life of the engine, and less emission will attract the public for making use of LPG run vehicles. The future of LPG vehicles is bright, provided the following improvements in the system are made.
  • At present, in many countries, LPG cylinders are used n the vehicles. The weight of the cylinders is an advantage. Some amount of power is wasted in carrying these cylinders along with the automobile vehicles. However, in developing countries, most LPG cars use LPG tanks. The tank is usually the same size as the spare wheel and fits snugly into space for the spare wheel. 
  • Efforts must be made to have more LPG filling stations at convenient locations so that LPG tanks can be filled up easily.
  • Safety devices are to be introduced to prevent an accident due to the explosion of gas cylinders or leakage in the gas pipes.