16 April 2017

Petrol Vs LPG

LPG characteristics vs petrol characteristics

Petrol :
  • Fuel consumption in petrol engine is less when compared to LPG.
  • Petrol has odour.
  • Octane rating of petrol of 81.
  • Petrol engine is not as smooth as LPG engine.
  • In order to increase octane number petrol required lead additives.
  • Carburetor supplies the mixture of petrol and air in the proper ratio to the engine cylinders for combustion.
  • Fuel consumption in LPG engine is 10 % increase as compared with the petrol.
  • LPG is odourless.
  • Octane rating of LPG is 110.
  • Due to higher octane rating, combustion of LPG is smoother and knocking is eliminated and the engine runs smoothly.
  • LPG is lead-free with high octane number.
  • The vaporizer function as the carburetor when the engine runs on LPG. It is a control device that reduces LPG pressure, vaporizes it and supplies to the engine with a regular flow of gas as per the engine requirement.
If you use petrol or LPG as a fuel in car then they differ by following category :
  • LPG costs about 40% less than petrol and diesel, in part because of a lower fuel duty.
  • LPG is a cleaner burning fuel compared to the above two, but releases even lesser heat than petrol.
  • Engine life can be improved due to LPG being a cleaner burning fuel.
  • Maintenance is more in LPG used car as compared with petrol.
  • LPG vehicle owners pay less road tax than petrol vehicle.