20 May 2017

What is kinematic link

What is the kinematic link?

A mechanism is made of a number of resistant bodies out some may have motions relative to each other. A resistant body or a group of resistant bodies with rigid connections preventing their relative movement is known as a link.

This link is also known as kinematic link or element.

The link can be classified into binary, ternary and quaternary depending upon the end on which revolute or turning pairs can be placed.

Kinematic link

A link may also be defined as a member or a combination of members of a mechanism, connecting other member and having motion relative to them. Thus, a link may consist of one or more resistant bodies. 

For example, a slider-crank mechanism consists of four links: frame and guides, crank, connecting rod and slider. however, the frame may consist of bearings of for the crankshaft. The crank link may have a crankshaft and flywheel also, forming one link having no relative motion of this.