27 February 2018

What are the advantages of dual carburetor over single barrel carburetor?

The single-barrel carburettor has only one barrel, whereas a dual carburettor has two-barrel. Engine with higher displacement requirement is large-bore to provide adequate airflow makes throttle response too fast so some automobile manufacturer used two-barrel used in carburettor in this type of engine. Let us have a deep insight into the advantages of used dual carburettor over single barrel carburettor?

Advantages of dual carburettor : 

  • The duel carburettor supplies a charge of a mixture to the cylinders which are uniform in quality. 
  • Volumetric the efficiency of the dual carburettor is higher than a single barrel carburettor. 
  • The charge of the air-fuel mixture is distributed to each cylinder in a better manner. 
  • The dual a carburettor is compact in its design. 

Why are double barrel used in the carburettor?

The fight is only and only efficiency and performance when the question comes to the carburettor. Many older carburettors are single barrel which is fine for low HP applications. The problem is that higher displacement engine as we have seen in the first paragraph. To getting a fairly constant fuel-air ratio across the engine double-barrel carburettor can be optimised. At low RPM and low power demand, only one provides a fuel-air mix to the engine. When more RPM or power is required, the second barrel comes into play and allowing the different fuel-air ratio to be used and provide a better fuel-air mix to the engine.