11 April 2019

Drop forging advantages and disadvantages

Drop forging is a process that using the die with high strength, a metal blank on forging press will be plastic-deformed, then we will obtain the required shape, size, and internal quality. Now let us discuss the pros and cons of drop forging to understand more about it. 

Advantages of drop forging : 
  • The production efficiency is higher. 
  • Complex shaped metal parts can be forged with this process, and the distribution of metal flow line is more reasonable. 
  • Improve the serving life of parts. 
  • Achieve better surface quality, and smaller machining allowance and the size of this process is accurate. 
  • Reduce machining work so save metal. 
  • It will reduce the cost of spare parts. 
  • The production operation is easy, so force or work is low. 
  • Improved microstructure. 
  • Finer grain size. 
  • Continuous grain flow. 
Disadvantages of drop forging : 
  • For short runs, this process is not very economical due to the high cost of die production.
  • Drop forging presents a dangerous working environment.
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