23 August 2022

Difference between boiler mountings and accessories

When operating any boiler, whether it has water tubes or fire tubes, boiler mounting and accessories are important. So here,  In this article, you can check out the Difference between boiler mounting and accessories to better understand this topic.

What is Boiler Mounting?

Boiler mountings are attached to the surface of the boiler, therefore the name mountings. Without the mounting, it is impossible for the boiler to operate.

What are Boiler Accessories?

Boiler accessories are mounted to the boiler drum to increase the boiler efficiency. These components are not as essential as boiler mounting, and while the operation will still function without them, its efficiency will be fairly poor. 

Boiler mounting  Vs Boiler Accessories: 

  • Boiler mounting is an essential apparatus without a boiler that cannot be operated. While boiler accessories are not an essential apparatus. This is done to increase the boiler plant's overall efficiency and working condition.
  • Boiler mounting is mounted on the boiler. Boiler accessories are not generally mounted on the boiler but installed within or near the boiler.
  • A boiler cannot work without mounting. A boiler can work without accessories. 
  • Boiler mounting occupies less floor space. Boiler accessories take up significantly more floor space.
  •  Inside the boiler, the fluid parameters are controlled by the boiler mounting. Outside the boiler, the fluid parameters are controlled by the boiler accessories.
  • Boiler mounting can ensure the safety of the boiler. Boiler accessories can ensure the efficiency of the boiler.
  • Boiler mounting is essential for the operation to be carried out. Boiler accessories are not at all essential for the operation to be carried out.
  • Some example of Boiler mounting is water level indicator, pressure gauge, blow-off cock, feed check valve, Fusible plug, and safety valves. While the example of boiler accessories are economizer, air preheater, steam separator, superheater,s, and feed pumps. 
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