25 March 2023

Difference Between Sunroof And Moonroof

The main difference between sunroof and moonroof is the amount of light let inside the car. A sunroof is a large panel of glass, whereas a moonroof is a smaller panel of tinted glass.  You can check out the more difference between the sunroof and moonroof to understand this topic better. 

Difference between sunroof and moonroof 

  • Sunroofs usually cover a large area than moonroofs. Thus, sunroofs can be opened to a greater degree allowing more light into vehicles than moonroofs. 
  • Moonroof does have a tinted glass panel, whereas the sunroof does not. The tinted glass helps to reduce direct sunlight and heat into the vehicle. 
  • Sunroof is an opaque panel of metal that completely blocked out the sun. A sliding internal silver-tinted tempered glass makes up a sunroof that allows the sunshade.
  • The sunroof let in light and air, while the moonroof only allows entering the light. 
  • Sunroofs are mostly manual, whereas moonroofs can be operated manually.
  • Moonroofs are typically larger than sunroofs. 

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