15 August 2023

Pros and cons of mining

The pros of mining are creates jobs, and improves the economic growth of the country. The cons of mining are leads to soil and groundwater pollution and loss of biodiversity. There are certain pros and cons of mining. Let us check out the mining advantages and disadvantages to know more about it. 

Pros of Mining are 

  1. Mining allows a good amount of mineral and ore resources.
  2. It can create a number of jobs in the mining industry.  
  3. It has the potential to assist underprivileged regions in developing and progressing. 
  4. Important for technological progress.
  5. Major income source for some countries.
  6. It may help to improve the economic growth of the country.  
  7. Mining is necessary for many products in daily life. 
  8. The efficiency of mining has been optimized over time. 
  9. Low operating cost and high productivity. 

Cons of Mining are

  1. It can lead to soil and groundwater pollution. 
  2. Loss of biodiversity. 
  3. Safety concerns as it requires a worker to go underground. 
  4. Mining can be dangerous too. 
  5. Insufficient regulations formed regarding mining. 
  6. Ecological imbalance. 
  7. Landslides become more likely. 
  8. Depletion of natural resources. 
  9. High cost as it needs advanced equipment.