16 February 2016

What is carburetor | Factors | Requirement | Types

Carburetion is the process of the formation of a combustible air-fuel mixture by mixing the proper amount of fuel with air before admission to the engine cylinder. The device with does this job is called a carburetor.

Factors affecting Carburetion :
  • The engine speed
  • The vaporization characteristics of the fuel
  • The temperature of the incoming air
  • The design of the carburettor

An important requirements of carburetors in an automobile :
  • Easy of starting the engine under low ambient condition.
  • Good and quick acceleration of the engine.
  • Ability to give full power quickly after starting the engine.
  • Equally good and smooth engine operation at various loads.
  • Developing sufficient power at high engine speeds.
  • Good fuel economy.
  • Simple and compact in construction
  • Ensuring full torque at low speeds.