17 March 2021

Jig vs Fixture | Difference between Jig and Fixture

The main comparison between jig and fixture is that jig is the type of tool used to control the location or motion of another tool, While the fixture is supported or they are work holding device used to hold work in place. In metal and woodworking, both jigs and fixtures are essential tools used. So here this article gives the difference between jig and fixture to better understand this topic.

What is Jig?

The jig is a work-holding system that holds supports and directs the cutting tool for a particular operation. The jig is made of metal, and it locates and keeps the workpiece in a secure manner, as well as directs the cutting tool so that it is in the proper relationship to the work when the machining process begins.

What is a Fixture?

A fixture is a work-holding or support device which is used in the manufacturing industry. Fixtures are used to locate and facilitate work in a safe manner, ensuring that all parts manufactured using the fixture are consistent and interchangeable. Using a fixture increases production efficiency by allowing for smooth operation and rapid transitions from one part to the next, lowering the need for skilled labor by simplifying how workpieces are assembled, and increasing conformity across a variety of parts.

Difference between Jig and fixture:

  • The jig guides the cutting tools, while the fixture does not guide the cutting tool.
  • The jig is mostly attached to the machine table, while the fixture is always attached to the machine table.
  • Jig feet are used in its construction, while the fixture is construction such feet are not used.
  • The jig is generally light in weight than the fixture, while the fixture is generally heavier than the jig.
  • Bushes are used in a jig for guiding the cutting tool, while the brushes are not used in fixtures.
  • The jig is used unidimensional machining, while the fixture is used in multidimensional machining
  • The jig is widely used on drilling machines, while the fixture is widely milling, grinding machines.
  • The jig is specially used for drilling, reaming and boring operations, while the fixture is specially used for milling, turning grinding operations.
  • Jig cost is more, while the fixture cost is less as compared with the jig.
  • Jig designing is complex, while fixture designing is less complex.
  • The jig is considered easy to use and thus less skilled is required to operate this device, while the fixture is somewhat complicated to use and thus requires skill.