18 March 2021

Difference Between Machining and Grinding

In both the machining and grinding processes, the material removal takes place in the form of solid chips. In both cases, the material is removed by shearing. So here this article gives the difference between machining and Grinding to better understand this topic.

Difference between machining and Grinding:

  • Machining is primarily a bulk removal process. It can also semi-finish the surfaces. While the grinding is primarily a surface finishing process. It gives a low MRR.
  • Machining is dimensional accuracy and tolerance achieved by these processes is not very good. While the Grinding offers better dimensional accuracy and close tolerance
  • Each and every cutting edge of the cutter equally participates in cutting action during machining. It is value. While the Grinding only a few among all of the abrasives available at the periphery of the wheel participate in cutting action
  • Machining shearing occurs during the process, while the Grinding operation is associated with rubbing, scratching, ploughing, and also shearing
  • Machining is the clearance angle of the cutter cannot be zero or negative. Its value usually varies from +15°C to -15°C while the Grinding abrasives have abrupt rake angles that can vary from +60°C to -60°C, even beyond that.
  • The machining clearance angle of the cutter is zero or negative. Its value usually varies from +3°C to 15°C, while the Grinding abrasives have abrupt clearance angles also. It can be zero or negative also.
  • In Machining every employs a cutting tool for removing material. This cutting tool is commonly made of metal, while the Grinding employs a wheel for removing materials, The wheel is made of tiny sharp abrasives bonded in other mediums
  • Machining is a specific energy consumption is comparatively low, while the Grinding is due to high loss of energy because of rubbing, scratching, and the specific energy consumption is very high.
  • Machining are hardened material and inherently very brittle and tough materials cannot be smoothy machined by these processes, while the Grinding is hardness, ductility, and toughness of work materials usually posses no problem.