10 March 2023

Advantages and disadvantages of natural gas

In the few decades, natural gas has become popular among the fuels source. Natural gas is formed when decomposed plants and animals are exposed to extreme temperatures and pressure when they are under the surface of the earth for millions of years. It is used for cooking, heating, and generating electricity and obviously for fuels. Many people prefer natural gas over conventional fuels because it has many advantages. But it has some disadvantages too. You can check out the advantages and disadvantages of natural gas. 

Advantages of natural gas: 

  • Natural gas is cheaper than other fossil fuels.
  • Natural gas is more environmentally friendly because it burns cleaner under the earth's surface. 
  • More efficient storage and transportation than renewable energy. 
  • Natural gas can be found abundantly as it is available from nature. 
  • Natural gas has a lower density than air, making it lighter than air. As a result, if there is a leak, it may simply dissipate into the air. Thus, it is safe to use. 
  • The use of natural gas in cooking, heating, and many others. Thus, it is more convenient than other fuels. 
  • Natural gas is cheaper than gasoline. 
  • High net energy yield.

Disadvantages of natural gas:

  • The most significant disadvantage is that it emits carbon dioxide, leading to climate change and global warming. 
  • They are damaging the ecosystem. 
  • Natural gas is odourless, and it is difficult to detect when leakage. 
  • Natural gas is highly flammable. If it leaks, it can cause more damage. 
  • It takes a lot of time to process and produce natural gas. 
  • Natural gas, while easy to store and transport, has one significant downside. Its volume is four times that of gasoline, making it more expensive since more money must be spent on extra storage.
  • Issues with price volatility. Russia essentially controls the natural gas market in Europe and Asia. The price is increasing due to transport costs and political tensions. 

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