8 March 2023

Difference between torque and force

The force that may cause an object to rotate along an axis is measured by torque. At the same time, the force causes an object to accelerate in linear kinematics. Torque causes an object to accelerate in angular kinematics. You can check out the difference between torque and force in this article. 

What is Torque? 

Torque is the term used to describe the specific effect of a force being applied to an object in which force causes the object to rotate around an axis. Torque is also concerned with acceleration, which is always at an angle. It is a vector but according to the direction of force, its direction varies. 

What is Force? 

Force is a type of action that occurs, either keeping a body in motion or changing the motion of the body. Force is a vector since it has not only size but also a specific direction. There are different forces including natural forces such as gravity, tension and friction, and electromagnetic force. 

Torque Vs Force

Type of acceleration

Torque is always an angular acceleration and force mostly in linear acceleration. 

Type of motion

Torque is always observed in rotational motion and force is always observed in linear motion. 

Nature of quantity

Both torque and force are vectors in nature. 


The formula for torque is T = F × r × Sin (Ꝋ) 
The formula for Force F = ma

Metric Unit of measurement

The unit of measurement for calculating torque is Nm (Newton-meters). 
The unit of measurement to calculate force is Newton. 

English Unit of measurement

The English unit of measuring the torque is Foot-Pound. 
The English unit of measuring the force is Pound. 


Example of Torque - Torque applied to the door makes the door swing or rotate. OR Working of gears in the engine. 
Example of Force - Force applied on trolley bag moves trolley in linear. OR Lifting any objects. 

Comparison and Similarity between Torque and Force

  • The force depends on the mass of the body, while torque depends on the angle. 
  • The force depends on linear acceleration and torque depends on rotational acceleration. 
  • The torque of the body depends on the push or pull action performed on it and force is also the same action performed on the body. 
  • The momentum of force is calculated using linear momentum while torque momentum is calculated using angular momentum. 
  • The force of any object depends on the mass and acceleration while torque depends on the force angle. 
  • Force and torque are the same action types that operate in different mediums.
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