16 February 2023

Difference between force and power

Power and force seem to have similar connotations and are frequently used interchangeably. Yet, they are not equivalent in physics. Power is a representation of energy expanded through time, of which force is an aspect, as opposed to the force itself, which is the basic outcome of an interaction between two things. Power may be measured and described, but the force is a real physical entity, but power is not. Let us check out the difference between force and power here in this article. 

Force Vs Power:

  • The force resulting from an interaction between objects. Power is the rate at which work is done, or energy is transmitted. 
  • The unit of force is a newton whereas the unit of power is a Watt. Watt = Joules/Second.
  • The symbolic representation of force is F and the power is P. 
  • Force is mass multiplied by acceleration and power is work divided by time. 
  • The force applied over distance creates work and power is the rate at which work is performed. 
  • Example of force is gravity, friction and magnetism and the power example is horsepower. 1 horsepower = 750 Watts
  • Force is a vector quantity whereas power is a scalar quantity. 

Thus, this is all about the difference between force and power. From the above discussion, we can say that force and power are two absolutely different physical quantities. The one most significant difference that can be stated from the above comparison is that force is responsible for changing the state of the body, whereas power gives information about the rate at which work is being done. 

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