17 February 2023

Difference between contact and non contact force

A non-contact force is one that operates on an object without coming into physical touch with it, as opposed to a contact force, which is applied by an object that is in contact with another object. Let's understand the concept of the difference between contact and non-contact force here in this article. 

Contact Vs Non-contact force: 

  • Contact forces require a physical touch or contact between two objects. Non-contact forces do not require any physical touch to work on the object. 
  • Since contact force requires physical touch between two things, it cannot be used from a distance. Since contact between the two objects is not necessary for non-contact force, it can function from a distance.
  • Vector fields are used to determine the contact forces while non-contact forces can not be represented using vectors. 
  • Contact force includes muscular force, normal force, tension and frictional force. Non-contact force includes electromagnetic force, gravitational force and electrostatic force. 
  • Example of contact force - Muscular force is required to kick the ball, or else the ball would not move. Example of non-contact force - There is no contact between a free-falling object and the earth. 
  • Contact forces can be or can not be natural forces while non-contact forces are natural forces. 
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