21 February 2023

Difference between force and motion

Force is anything that produces a change in a body's position, whereas motion is the change in a body's position over time. Force is like changing velocity to acceleration, and motion is like velocity, acceleration or displacement. Motion is a change in position, not the cause of a change in position, and force is the cause of a change in position, not the change in position of the body. Let us now examine the difference between force and motion in this article.

Force Vs Motion: 

  • Unless acted upon by an imbalanced force, an object at rest remains at rest, while an object in motion maintains its current speed and direction. Therefore, the relationship between force and motion is that it takes force to change the speed or direction of any object in motion. 
  • Force determines the motion of objects. Therefore, to predict the motion of an object, it is important to know how to deal with multiple forces. Since forces are vector quantities, they can be added together by adding their magnitudes based on their directions. 
  • According to Newton's first law, if there is no force there won't be any motion, it will just be at rest, in the same position it was left. Thus, with force motion occurs whereas without force there is no motion.
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