21 February 2023

Difference between force and energy

Energy is transferred from the body exerting the force to the body being exerted by the force when a force caused by one body is applied to another body. Thus, we can say that force is the agency by which energy is transferred from one system to another system. Let us check out the difference between force and energy here in this article. 

Force Vs Energy: 

  • Force is a method of transferring energy whereas energy is the ability to operate or active things. 
  • Energy and mass of a closed system are conserved, but there is no such conversation for force. 
  • The force is a vector quantity while energy is a scalar. 
  • Force does not generate energy but it does make it change. 
  • Force is what is needed to accelerate an object, energy is force times distance. 
The formula for force F = ma
The formula for energy E = Fd

Where m = mass
a = acceleration
d = distance 
  • Energy is a property of a system that is measured by the capacity to do work. A force is any action that tends to alter the state or rest or uniform motion of a body. 
  • Force is a vector quantity it has a direction while energy is a scalar quantity it does not have a direction. 

Energy is a non-intuitive concept and force is a fundamental concept in physics. Energy is the mechanism behind an activity, and force is the push or pull of an object. A moving object does not have force. However, it does have some energy in the kinetic store. The motion will stop when this energy is shifted elsewhere. 

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